December 22, 2011

Seattle Day 2

Saturday morning found us sauntering downhill only a few blocks from the apartment to Skillet, a food truck gone restaurant.  We sat in the morning sun drinking our coffee, elbow to elbow with our neighbors.  Our food came (delicious!) and went, and again we were on our way.  (Not that it wasn't worth more mention, but there is nothing more to say!)  We stopped at Trader Joes, an american grocery store, for the sole purpose of cookie butter, or specculas spread as many of us know it.  The stuff is amazing! Just like crack on a spoon.  Oh wait...nevermind. And so we left with a jar, jogged across a school yard and back home, up the stairs and right back down.  Down all the way to the waterfront, to the market we walked.

Our order of the day was a chocolate tour.  I borrowed the stores/bakeries from the local chocolate tour website ($55/per person) and we found our own way.  It took two days to slowly eat our way through the list, but every bite of it was amazing! (and a heck of a lot cheaper.)  We shopped and walked our way around town (hi anthropologie! nice to see ya the gap!  banana rebuplic it's been so long!) stopping for treats along the way.

Coconut Cream Pie from Dahlia Bakery
Chocolate Truffle Cookie, also from Dahlia Bakery

In our travels we stumbled upon one spectacular find, Penzeys Spices.  I've done no reading about this shop pre or post visit but from our experience we thought this shop was fantastic.  Each spice had an open jar to smell, (you can smell quality) there were multiple package price points and finally: 6. six. SIX. types of cinnamon.  I was a happy girl.
Cream cheese brownie and Chocolate Explosion Cupcake from the Chocolate Box.

With our hands full and fuller still Shane and I strolled to Pioneer Square.  We raised eyebrows at trees with scarves, avoided the panhandler's gaze and batted flattered lashes when another made us laugh, twice!  We glanced quickly about the square and started our long uphill walk home.  When we finally made it there Shane rested his tired eyelids and we prepared for a night at the pub.

I've no pictures to show but here's what we did:  first we drove across town to Slim's Last Chance for some of the best chili money can buy.  Our bartender/server had me downing a shot on the house in celebration of my birthday.  Shane drove home and we started on foot.  Our second stop was Six Arms where we first encountered "The Santas"  The Santas were a huge group of people, most young and some old, dressed up as Santa and working their way from pub to pub.  The entire pub was filled to the rafters with red and fluff.  We found a small table amongst them all and ordered our tater tots and beer.  Clearly I wasn't drunk enough to appreciate their state, but we'd see many more of them this night.  I would place their numbers in the multiple hundreds!
We made a quick side trip to Barnes and Noble where we felt up the books for quite some time before walking a far ways back, heading for Elysian Brewing Company.  This place was rad!  We had a few beers and a plate of wings, enjoyed each other and tried to avoid the Santas rowdy conversations.  The last stop of our night was Quinn's Pub.  From what I remember the room was noisy and the bacon bourbon popcorn was delicious.  I capped the night off with a glass of hard apple cider and you know what they say "Liquor before beer and you're in the clear, beer before liquor never been sicker"...
Very happy, about?

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  1. Clearly Shane has met a santa he likes!
    I'm so happy you had a great 2nd day on celebrating....
    I just want to know; did Shane manage to balance the forks?