November 21, 2012

For dinner: Thanksgiving edition

So Shane and I had our own little Thanksgiving dinner Monday night.
The reasons were two-fold. 
Firstly, we didn't have thanksgiving dinner together in October.
Second, American thanksgiving is being pumped down the blogs, it's everywhere.
And though I've had my own, I was jealous.
What is new.

So on a very rainy Monday afternoon I cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

Dinner was great! So low key and not stressful.  
I just leisurely cooked all afternoon and had everything ready for seven.
There was nothing to worry about, cleaning got done without pressure.
No entertaining.
Just calm and happy Alyssa.
All the food turned out amazing.  I was really impressed.

Shane charcoal grilled the turkey quarter, it was incredible!
He brined the turkey and I made a herb-lemon butter for it.
A leg/thigh quarter took about an hour and 15 minutes.

scalloped potatoes +thyme -fennel
green bean casserole (I wanted to try it)
herb sourdough stuffing with leeks, fennel and sausage

I made a wicked good drink for us (toopoorforwine)
1/4 c sugar, 1/4 cup water, zest of one orange and 3/4-1 cup cranberries.  
cook down for 10 minutes. press through strainer to extract all liquid. cool.
in mason jar shake cranberry mixture, juice of one orange, orange zest and gin.
Measure out three spoons full into every glass, top with half can cranberry ginger ale.
Add more gin as necessary.
Makes 4 drinks.

That drink is very sweet to me, but I loved it anyway.

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  1. This special dinner of Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. Happy for you both.