November 22, 2012

ThanksNovember D23

I'm thankful for magazines.
I know I shouldn't be.
It just makes me want stuff...
and feel like I'm nowhere close to where I want to be.
(house and family wise)
but somehow I love them anyways.
Okay, not all magazines
I'm looking specifically at you BHG and Cook's Illustrated/Cook's Country.
My three faves!
You make me full of warmth and fuzzies.

I'm thankful for food smells.
I'm thankful for food texture.
I'm thankful for the ways food sounds when it's cooking.
I love the annoying beeping on the coffee maker.
I love mason jars (I use them for everything).
I'm thankful for how pretty food is.
I'm thankful it warms up my insides and fills my big belly.
I really do love not being hungry.
I do realize how lucky we are that we will never know true hunger.
Who cares about pretty houses and perfectly styled children 
when there are thousands dying every day from starvation.
WFP. x 10000
I'm so thankful for my eyesight!
I don't wear glasses or contacts, but everyone I know does (except my little brother)
How did I escape?
I feel so grateful all. the. time. for it.
I feel bad for your constant unhappiness with your eyes, your glasses, your contacts.
I'm sorry you don't like how they look.
I'm sorry they hurt your eyes.
I'm sorry they give you headaches and puffy red eyes.
I'm sorry you need to put drops in before bed every single night for the rest of your life.
Or your eye will pop out.
(What a swell doctor you have)
I'm sorry you fight over contact cases and eye wash.
It makes me so thankful.
Thrifted for $2
I'm thankful for thrifting.
I'm thankful I'm getting better at it.
I'm always thankful when I walk into a thrift store and see a bunch of crazies working, 
it means stuff is going to be cheap.
(and they're very nice).
and so are those little old ladies that get everything done.
I love finding little hidden gems, even though you have to search through so much junk.

I'm in need of a new Christmas CD or two,
what are your favourites?


  1. Where did you go and take pictures?! The waterfall is beautiful. And Boney M and Andea Bocelli Christmas are my favorites. Starbucks always puts out a good mix of artists and classic Christmas music.

    1. Those pictures are on a hike up from Stave Lake, I was totally worried about bears the entire time. And I LOVE Boney M, it's my second favourite Christmas CD.