November 9, 2012

ThanksNovember D9

Have I ever mentioned how thankful I am for pajamas?
And that I leave the house every morning wearing them?
In my defense it's dark.
Otherwise I'd probably get dressed.
I will come home after my runs somedays, take a shower and put my pajamas on.
I'm thankful for geese and how they relaibly fly over my head in loud, disruptive formations.
They always look to me like they're trying to fly in a V,
but a few birds can never get it, so the V turns into something more the shape of a line.
And they're all honking, you can hear them before you see them.
I wonder if they're chastizing the retarted ones who don't understand order.
Also, they never seem to be flying south.
Maybe that's why they honk so much, they're arguing over directions.
Butter hasn't mastered taking pictures with his mom.
I'm thankful for sunny days.
I'm thankful sunny days are always cold in November.  
Like 2 or 3 degrees in the morning.  
I'm thankful when the sun finally rises on me during our runs.
It reenergizes me.  
I'm thankful for my warm clothes, I'm thankful for my comfy shoes.
I'm even more thankful when I forget my gloves and realize how lucky I am.
I'm thankful for vinegar.
It cleans, 
It steralizes.
It makes pickles.
It makes tomatoes shelf stable.
It makes my salad dressing worth eating.
It deodorizes.
It's delicious.


  1. You are a very thankful young lady. <3

  2. I wonder if the geese fly in gender formations. Say all girls in one v and all boys in the other. The girl flights are definitely not asking for directions; they are cheering each other on. As for the boy formations well....