November 25, 2012

ThanksNovember D25

I missed a ThanksNovember day. 
I know you don't care for excuses but I need to tell you anyways.
I was busy having an awesome day.
Too busy to blog.

I started my run in the dark yesterday morning, with a lick of light around the mountains.
The sun was coming!
My 13 km run finished before the sun actually came up.
I had 45 minutes to shower and get ready before we left.
Shane and I drove to New West to bottle our beer.
The only thing we actually did was clean old beer bottles and the entire time in my head I kept singing
"60 more bottles of beer on the wall..."
In the end we came out with 22 L of IPA,
to be opened in 4 weeks.

We drove home, I got ready for work and left.
After work there was a bottle of wine and a bag of chips 
(classy I know) that we may or may not have decimated.
So I'm thankful of your understanding,
and not so thankful for the little headache going on this morning.
(but that is nothing a cup of coffee and an omelette from my sweet husband can't fix).

Today I'm thankful for sleeping in 
and blue sky that looks dabbed with cotton balls.
I'm also loving my new mug that I painted 
and the lululemon headband my husband bought me.
I'm thankful for vitamin D pills and picture frames.
and bleach for my white couch that the dog spilled our coffee on.

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