November 17, 2012

ThanksNovember D17

I'm thankful for feelings of love.
I'm grateful I know love and happiness, 
and have never known heart ache.
I count myself lucky.
I'm thankful for this man who looks after me.
(and he for me, I believe!)

I'm thankful for fabric and colour.
I love plaid, and paisley and stripes.
I love them in blues and reds and greys.
And greens and browns and yellows.
I love solids and patterns, I love needlework and prints. 
I love silks and burlap and flannel and cotton.
I like contrast and I like harmony.
I need to be surrounded by fabric and texture.
On my way to the store yesterday morning. 
Above almost anything else I'm thankful for light.
I'll say it 1000 times over.
I need it, I crave it.  I require it for living.
I avoid jail like the plague based on my aversion to dark places.
I need sunshine, I need bright.
It makes me happy, it makes my soul happy.
Some people need raindrops on roses, or whiskers on kittens to pull themselves from a funk.
I need to see the sun, and all will be well again.
It's nearly instantaneous.
I'll be upset, look outside at a beautiful day and the bad feelings melt away.

I dream of moving somewhere where the sun always shines. 
Alberta weather, Saskatchewan weather, I'm looking at you.
Even if I had a choice to stay in the Fraser forever I would probably choose to move.
I can't stand this constant cloud.
But I'm not complaining. I promise.
It helps put everything in perspective later on.
I'll be a much happier person somewhere else.
(and not living in basements).
I'm so thankful for weekends,
and slow starts to the day.
I'm thankful for leisurely mornings, relaxing on the couch and waiting for breakfast to bake.
I'm thankful for the light awake before us.
And not changing out of our pajamas until we have to leave the house (at least ten).
These are the happy days.

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