November 14, 2012

ThanksNovember D14

I'm thankful for fuzzy socks that keep my toes so warm.
I'm thankful for daily doses of coffee, so wake me up, and to calm frazzled nerves.
(I spent 4:40-5:05 driving up and down the hill calling for Butter in my car yesterday morning.
Shane had a flashlight and a pair of running feet looking all over for him.
He ran out the gate (that had been locked the night before) doing his morning business)
Oh, I'm so thankful for our dog.
I'm also thankful for sarcasm.

I'm thankful I can spend entire mornings dreaming about places I'd like to go.
I'm thankful that my days of travel aren't yet over.
I'm thankful for cell phones and free long distance calling (at least I hope it's free)
And I'm thankful for skype (or skype-like applications)

I'm so jazzed about my race this weekend.
And the bowl of candy on top of the fridge.
And oh lord! there is a chocolate silk pie in my fridge from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook,
I have been so patiently eating for 4 days now.
I've never had anything like it, and I've been trying so hard not to go crazy.
But today might be the day it gets demolished!

It's also time for my weekly installment of Christmas cookies, don't you think?
I'd like to get baking!
P.S. I'm thankful for these Honeyed Apricots I made in the summer.  
We've been eating them like candy!

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