November 3, 2012

Thanksnovember D3

Today I'm thankful for:
payday! even though the money is already gone
halloween candy.  no kids means I haven't overdone it yet
dark mornings and hot coffee
days full of opportunity & baking

I'm thankful my kitten still remembers me even though he lives with my mom.
he likes being held like a baby
(and he's not a kitten, he's 7 years old)
I'm thankful for carrot cake muffins, i'm thankful for cookies
I'm thankful for sisters
I'm thankful for the history I can hold in my hands
I'm thankful for a 1922 issue of national geographic i flipped through.
I'm not thankful I found the book i donated to a thrift store (for poor people!) on sale for $14 at a used bookstore.
I'm thankful for the smoked salmon I found in the freezer and the chowder I made it into.
I'm thankful our upstairs neighbours ate the rest of my peanut butter and roasted banana pie to save my thighs.
I'm especially grateful for that.

1 comment:

  1. You should open a bakery and make money feeding others your delicious baking.