November 6, 2012

ThanksNovember D6

Today I'm thankful for the weak sun that shone.
I'm thankful I could feel is on my skin.
It felt like a light touch, it was very comforting.
The sun is what I like to feel the most.

Today I'm thankful for the fire red blueberries all over the part of the land.
Blueberry capital of Canada here.
Every field you look in is covered in short read bushes.
I'm thankful for the beauty of the shimming river and the wind rippling the tall, tall trees.
Today I'm thankful for the honking geese, that I can nearly always hear.
I'm thankful for the float planes taking off upriver (I'm not usually).
I'm thankful for pleasant people who stop and chat you up.
I'm thankful dogs are such good ice breakers.

I'm thankful my Grandparents invited themselves over.  I think that is awesome.
I'm thankful for people's reaction to seeing our small house, so I know how far we've come in our level of acceptance.
Like I said before, I'm thankful for our small house.
I'm thankful I have so much to learn, and great people to teach me.

Oh, and I'm thankful for blackstrap pecan praline ice cream. Amaze!

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