November 20, 2012

ThanksNovember weekend edition

What I did on my weekend. (And I'm thankful for all of it?)
Firstly, an eagle festival.
It was cold and stinky.
Very very stinky.
Eagles feast on dead salmon.
We watched the birds through scopes that were set up along the river's edge. 
They were so far away you couldn't see them with the naked eye.
But there were hundreds of them!

We drank apple cider and warmed ourselves by the roaring fires.
We had lunch at the local pub. 
Or dive bar? 
Whatever you want to call it.
It rained and rained and rained.
And the food sucked.
We drove from here to our date night in Chilliwack.
Mug painting, so much fun!
When we got home we made ourselves gnocchi.
Fun, messy and delicious!
Shane made a brown butter and sage sauce.
I made gnocchi.
I finally got to use the gnocchi board we bought last year.
Worth it!
Sunday morning was race day.
I recapped here.
It was incredible.
Heart stopping.
So awesome.
After the race we went out for breakfast. 
Huevos rancheros anyone?
We went to sports check, where I picked out my reward for racing.
A very expensive and warm running sweater.
I'm so lucky!
That night I laid on the couch and ate sloppy joes.
Then I slept very well.
Monday (long weekend here!) we took it easy.
Sleeping in, granola for breakfast, grilled cheeses for lunch.
I was able to find a few nice pieces at the local thrift store.
We made a beautiful thanksgiving dinner and watched Bones. (my fave show!)

Twas a very good weekend.

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