November 15, 2012

Right now: November

I'm listening: to Christmas music. (sheepish smile)
I'm dreaming: of somewhere warm and sunny.  With clear blue water and white sand.  A lounge chair in the shade and a pina colada in hand.  Knowing that we need to get dressed up for a delicious dinner soon.  Actual perfection.
I'm snacking: I had yogurt and granola for breakfast. My fave.  I'm thinking about a banana.
I'm remembering: when my family was close and seeing them was easy.
I'm debating: wether to take a picture of the morning's golden sun on the trees outside my window.
I'm glad: that my race day is this weekend!  I'm so excited for it, and so glad Shane signed me up in August, when I couldn't imagine it ever happening.

1 comment:

  1. I am so excited for you for your run! You are going to feel like a a million bucks! You go girl!