November 13, 2012

ThanksNovember 13

I'm thankful being an adult means I can eat as many oreo cookies as I want (2!)
I'm not thankful being an adult means I eat more vegetables than I ever dreamed.
I'm thankful I have my own kitchen as an adult.
But no one told me how much work they are to keep clean.
I'm thankful that being an adult means baking whatever, whenever.
I'm not so thankful that actually eating said baking means even more vegetables. (Does it ever stop?!)

Yes, I'm thankful for my car. 
But why do I have to maintain it? 
I've got a dog, 
but he's nothing but trouble.
I can sleep in as late as I want,
but I've still got to run.
I'm thankful to be an adult,
but why did nobody tell me it was so much like work?

(just kidding, of course!)
I've been living outside my childhood home for 5 1/2 years, none of this is news to me.
I'm so thankful for privacy and freedom and walking around in my underwear.
I'm thankful for my own things in their own place and things staying right where I left them.
I'm thankful for clean spaces, and lamps with nice light and cleaning up after only one person.
I'm thankful for comfy beds (even if we could really use a new one) and always made sheets.

It's wonderful and great, this being an adult thing.
Gingerbread Dutch Baby for Breakfast.

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  1. Did you bake those Oreos? That's my kind of baking! Maybe if i had told you how much work it was being an adult you wouldn't have moved out so soon.