November 7, 2012

ThanksNovember D7

Today I have thanks.
It's for patience.
And thanks for not losing my cool.
I'm thankful to have met a cooking idol of mine
and to have seen so many like minded people at the same time.
I'm thankful I finally own a copy of the book by said author,
and that she signed it for me!
I'm thankful I was able to wait inside in the warmth for hours to meet said person.
I'm thankful for all the wonderful recipes I get to try,
and the many I've already made.

I'm thankful for pretty things,
I'm thankful for plates,
I'm thankful for bowls.
I'm thankful for random chance meetings of old acquaintances.
(I met Shane's friend Sung once 4 years ago and she somehow recognized me on the street in Vancouver!)
I'm thankful for coincidences, or fate.
I'm thankful for food trucks and when it stops raining.
I'm thankful for busy sidewalks and holiday decor.
I'm thankful that early nights remind me of the holidays.
I'm thankful that I haven't heard any Christmas music as of yet.
(after I wrote this I then turned Christmas music on.  What the what?)
I'm thankful I've never been attacked on my runs.
I'm thankful I'm not scared of dogs.
I'm thankful for Scooter, the name of my fuzzy cow.
I'm thankful for bonus days off and happy people.
I'm thankful Shane is loving his fishing rod.
And that he's been able to go.
I'm thankful for our time spent together.
I'm thankful for hot chocolate.
I'm thankful I could skype with my sister, that we actually talked.
I'm thankful that there was chocolate handed out while I stood in line for 1.5 hours last night.
I'm thankful for eggnog lattes to calm me afterwards.
I'm not thankful short size cost me $4.50.  Seriously?  
That's insanely expensive.


  1. Eeek! That is so exciting I am super glad that you didn't chicken out!

  2. I love the pictures and I love that knife!