November 20, 2012

November Date Night

So we went on a date.  The idea was paint a mug.  I've done this before, and totally loved it.  The envelope had a $45 gift card for the two of us.  We went to Chilliwack to paint this mug (goes to show how I never planned to move, even at the beginning of the year).  We picked the same mug because we loved the shape, but our designs were completely different.  We spent a very enjoyable hour and a half painting.

There was a lot of tools at our disposal and a lot of inspiration.  I was really impressed seeing what other people were painting, and just how good they were.  When we were done we headed over to starbucks for coffee, (an indulgence for us to say the least).  Thankfully for us they were having a promotion and we got two specialty coffees (eggnog latte for him, peppermint mocha for me) for $5. Jeeze! Every year they are getting more expensive and less good.  It's a sad time, because I've made them better for way less money and I'm not just saying that to be cheap.  We'll pick up our mugs on Friday, I can't wait!

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