November 23, 2012

ThanksNovember D23

I'm thankful for my iphone.
I wanted one so long.
It took a long time to finally get one, but now I can't imagine life without.
(I think that's how a lot of people feel)
How did I run before my phone? 
You mean I couldn't do my banking in the middle of the store?
How did I know where to eat when I was in Vancouver?
I must have been lost all. the. time.
and have I even mentioned how many pictures I take and share on it?
That was actually my main reasoning for getting one.
I love it.
I'm thankful for blue sky. 
When I see it.
I think blue is my favourite colour for this reason.
I'm thankful for colour.
I'm thankful for my hands.
and my feet.
I'm thankful they are strong and useful.
I'm thankful they don't get tired easily and that they serve me without fail.
They may not be the most elegant hands, but they're mothering hands.
I'm thankful they're smooth and not wrinkly yet.
I'm thankful they hold the symbol of my marriage, a constant reminder of Shane.
I'm thankful for such beautiful jewelry.
I'm a lucky gal.
I'm thankful my hands are mine.

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