November 2, 2012

ThanksNovember D2

I'm thankful for the outdoors. 
I'm thankful for (slight) breaks in the rain.  
I'm thankful for wind that tosses my hair around and tree branches to the ground
I'm thankful for fluttering leaves and flowers in November.
I'm thankful for oranges and yellows (and the occasional reds).
Colours so vibrant I'm okay there will be so little of it in the months to come.
A little farewell package I'm happy to receive.  
I'm thankful for halloween-y dogs.
I'm thankful for smells like wood fires and leaves.  
Like earth and water.  
I'm thankful I can smell these things.
I'm thankful for clouds that tell stories, even if I can't read them.


  1. The colors were so saturated this year! Such fabulous gift for our senses. Thank you universe!

  2. The colors are very vibrant this year. The nicest I have seen in many years out here.