November 8, 2012

ThanksNovember D8

I'm thankful for flannel, yes I am.
I'm thankful for warm blankets to snuggle up in.
The ones on my bed and the ones on the couch.
Grey, and flowery, and white (and I'd really like a plaid one)
They're all great.
I'm thankful for general kitchen knowledge.
I'm thankful for food.
I'm thankful for a well stocked pantry.
I'm thankful for salad, but I'm not sure why.
I'm thankful I made a successful apple pie.
(It's so good!)
I'm thankful the crust didn't defeat me once again.
I'm thankful for all the time I get to spend at home.
I'm thankful for my books and for tea.
I'm extra thankful for our couch, and how it holds my weary bones after a long run.
Even though it's white.
I'm thankful for throw pillows because they're cute.
I'm thankful for a reliable car.
So thankful.  
Please hold on there car, for two more years.
I'll love you forever then.
I promise.
Your seats might be stained.
You might always smell like wet dog.
Your absence of air conditioning or power locks and windows might always chafe my ass.
Your non-ipod compatibility might be very outdated.
But I'll overlook all that if you just keep working.
I love you?

1 comment:

  1. The car will be fine for many years to come. Just give it a change of oil and a check up and she will love you and take you anywhere for a long time yet! :-)