November 30, 2012

Right now: November 30

Time: 6:30am
In my mug: hot coffee
In my oven: The last thing I baked was gingerbread cupcakes, for no other reason than, I wanted them.  (And bake for 20 minutes, not 30! What was I thinking?!)
I am listening to: the hum of the refrigerator
In the fridge: soft broccoli, leftover clean-out-the-fridge soup
In my belly: my favourite breakfast ever, yogurt and granola! (and half a banana, not my favourite)
Last thing on the laptop: lasagna for two recipes
Looking forward to: setting up the Christmas tree tomorrow
On my wishlist: a pretty dress for my birthday
On the nightstand: Sand in my Bra
Recently satisfied: that I got Christmas off! thanks to a wonderful co-worker
On the go: my recipe binder project, I'm going to buy a bigger binder today!

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