November 11, 2012

ThanksNovember D11

I was restless.
The leaves fluttered in the shadows on the wall all day long.  
Stretching and moving as time went by.
I could smell the cold seeping through cracks in the window.
The day had been brilliantly cold and bright.
For the first day in my life, I hadn't gone out once.

It couldn't be.
At 3:30, 45 minutes before the sunset Butter and I bundled up.
We had to get outside, what a waste of a day.
At this time of day our shadows stretched fifty feet long.
The light was orange and everything glittered.  
The river to our right, Mt. Baker's shiny peak, even the leaves dancing on the trees.
Birds struggled against the wind.
Cold air stung my cheeks and filled my lungs.

I was thankful for fresh air.

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