November 4, 2012

ThanksNovember D4

Today I'm thankful for warm showers.
Especially after wet, soggy runs.
I'm thankful for foresight
I'm thankful for coffee.
I'm thankful for fluffy towels and razors.
(unlike most women I'll always love to shave my legs)
I'm thankful for limbs that move me,
and work well.
I'm thankful for a comfy couch to sit on when I'm tired.

Yesterday I surprised Shane with a salmon fishing rod and a fishing license.
The boy loves to fish, who am I to say no?
So I scrounged up the money to pay for the gear 
and called his best friend who pretty much did everything for me.
Thank god for that.
So no, we might not be eating or getting gas for the next two weeks.
But we'll have fish!

Shane and I watched Cloud Atlas in the theatre last night.
It's a fact that I had to look away for at least 5 minutes worth of film
(conservative estimate)
There was a lot of scary scenes. (and gory)
But it was a great movie! no joke.
Pre-movie we had fried avocado tacos for dinner. 
Um, yum!  
I'd encourage you to go ahead and make these
and then load it up with the serrano cream sauce and eat one for me.
please and thank you.

Yesterday I was thankful for halloween candy, 
now I am officially sick of it.
I had way too much at the movie last night.
It's time for a detox.

But mostly today I am very very thankful that my Grandmother's surgery went well 
and that she is now cancer free (minus one kidney)  
I'm thankful for her life (and so many others) that I take for granted everyday.
I'm so lucky to know her for a few more years.
Sending my love to all my grandparents, including the in-laws I've never met.

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  1. Your grandmother-in-law says she sends her love right back to you. Love to Shane as well.
    Oma Trobacher.