November 12, 2012

ThanksNovember D12

Oh I'm so thankful for health.
I've probably said it 10 times here.
But it's true, especially when you've been unwell.
I'm so thankful for my husband who looked after me so well.
I'm thankful for tylenol and hair elastics.
I'm thankful that he made me so comfy, cozy and warm.
I love him so.

I'm thankful for anticipating the first snowfall.
Even though it hasn't happened, I'm thankful for hope.
I'm thankful for tea, and hot chocolate.
And jam on toast.
And cranberries and strawberries.

I'm thankful for the crispy, woody air of the outdoors.
I'm thankful for the warmth of the indoors after the sting of the cold.
I'm even thankful (a little bit) for a drippy nose that comes with winter.

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